Robert A. DeLoach is the former General Manager and CEO of Cucamonga Valley Water District. After guiding the district through extensive growth using his proven long-term vision and values process, he aspired to do the same for other agencies and corporations. Robert launched DeLoach & Associates in 2009. The consulting firm offers a full service approach to strategic management solutions.

With more than 25 years as a utility industry leader, Robert has an outstanding track record as an innovator and sought-after mediator. Robert creates meaningful opportunities and value for his clients. Robert is a trained facilitator and project manager for The Pacific Institute, an international leadership cooperative that coaches individuals and teams to reach their full potential. The use of these organizational principles, plus Robert’s own insightful, real-world experience and honed management strategies provides results-oriented solutions for organizations of all sizes and types.


Consulting Highlights:

  • Trained facilitator and Project Director for The Pacific Institute.
  • Conducted Strategic Vision & Goal Setting Workshops for the American Water Works Association and other public agencies.
  • Developed specialized management tools such as the “Right Fit Interview” process and the “Human Capital Investment Strategy.”
  • Served as interim General Manager and City Manager during several organizational transitions and executive recruitments.
  • Developed the Frontier Project as the first LEED Platinum demonstration project in the State of California.
  • Conducted a water rights acquisition through an $85 million purchase of groundwater rights from Kaiser Resources.
  • Developed the largest water banking program in the Chino Basin with more than 50,000 acre feet in storage at the conclusion of the project.
  • Guided the political and technical marketing of Mojave groundwater rights to entities in the Chino Basin.
  • Coordinated the development of agricultural water rights transfer to domestic users as a part of a basin management strategy.
  • Served as President of Fontana Union Water Company overseeing historic pre-1914 water rights in the Lytle Creek Basin and Rialto-Colton Basin ­