Mr. DeLoach is a recognized expert in Organizational Management assisting public and private organizations streamline efficiencies, build and maintain a constructive and positive management culture and create valuable strategic planning tools. DeLoach is exceptional at guiding an organization through key management performance reviews, organizational assessments and change management. He is uniquely qualified to take advantage of strategic opportunities and investments in human capital to optimize organizational performance.


Government Consultation


Corporate Culture Restructuring


Utility Asset Management


Strategic Partnerships & Alliances


Organization Management:

Leadership Development

Providing leaders with the perspective, skills and tools to succeed

Designing leadership development programs

Team Building & Development

Maximizing the full potential of executive, functional and cross-functional teams

Promoting collaboration to enhance trust among individuals and teams

Strategic Planning & Visioning

Understanding the role of vision in the new strategic planning process

Developing ownership from every employee

Building a sustainable strategy and implementation process

Performance & Organizational Management Systems

Designing and implementing organizational performance management systems

Aligning individuals’ goals with corporate strategy

Develop a "self-directed work place"

Employee Engagement & Training Programs

Identifying, developing and retaining the best talent

Developing “Employee Advisory Teams” (EAT)

Embracing change as a strategy for growth and success

Organizational Culture Identification & Measurement

Providing leaders with the insider perspective of their organizations

Improving performance through strategic behavioral change

Developing new culture-based communication strategies

Understanding organizational culture and performance

Strategy Implementation

Maintaining and increasing productivity

Linking vision, strategy and culture

Continuous Measurement & Improvement

Formulating plans to allocate resources that align with the new corporate culture

Establishing supportive strategies for continuous measurement of goals and objectives

Developing new internal communication methods

Utility Asset Management:

Water Resource Development & Acquisition Management

Maximizing the organization’s water supply portfolio

Assist in developing water transfer and storage programs

Development of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Providing technical and professional representation

Assessing and evaluating regulatory compliance issues

Evaluating alternative service delivery methods and options

Utility Rate Analysis

Designing competitive and consumer friendly rate structures

Understanding how the local political climate and community impact rate structures

Development of communication strategies for rate implementation